Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random thoughts

It's been a bit quite on the home front... maybe you've noticed ;o)

My daily grind: Wake up early, go to the gym, go to work, work, run home, stick something in my mouth and go to bed. This has been the bulk of my everyday. Pretty dull. But that's not a bad thing. I was in much need of dull. Not enough of it can make a girl a little nutty.

The dust has finally settled from post wedding planning, personal life falling to pieces and moving out from home to live with crazy roommates, big blowout fight with crazy roommate and then moving back with ex to help each other out... dull is a welcome change of pace.

But still. I'm getting bored here.

So to shake things up again, I'm starting to gravitate towards what had held my attention before I was engaged: Photography! I love, love photography and it was my primary focus before I found myself in the midst of all things wedding. I'm excited to be getting back to it. You'll see more of my amateur attempts. I'll be focusing on landscape/New York for the most part.

Come May, my mama is moving up from Florida to come live with me in NY. Me and my mom have a great relationship and I'm excited about her moving here. I'm still trying to figure out if living together is the best idea for me, even though it's simply the most practical. Rent is expensive and sharing a 2 bed room will give me more of what I want versus if I tried to find a studio for myself...but still. Do I want to live with anyone at all? I'm not sure. We'll see how this pans out later. Seems to be the latest trend in my circle. 2 other girlfriends are moving in with their mom to save money. Maybe it's just a sign of the times.

Other things to look forward to in the near future:
  • Doggy birthday I'm taking the kids (my dogs) to at the end of this month! It will make a great photo opt and I think it promises to be fun and hilarious. My cousin's dog is turning 10 and she is throwing him a beach birthday party. Too cute!
  • My cousin's bridal shower! I am so excited for her! She's getting married this summer.
  • My little brother is graduating from college and my cousin (I have lots of cousins) is graduating from med school! Much to celebrate!
Stay tuned ;o)


  1. I think its amazing your mum would move from warm and sunny all year to NYC. WOW.
    It will be a good thing!
    Cant wait to hear about living with mum.

  2. Moving in with mom sounds like it could be fun, of course annoying at times too. She always has your best interest at heart though, and you'll have your own bedroom to escape to.
    Look forward to hearing more!


    P.S. A homemade meal doesn't hurt either!

  3. Great news about your mom! Living together is probably not a permanent solution but then you can both try it and play it by ear...