Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April: "Bring it!"

This morning walking into the ladies locker room after my morning run, I came across a flyer advertising the April Body of Work Challenge. My gym, Crunch, is sponsoring this and is offering a Year Membership as the grand prize.

The challenge: workout for 26 days in the month of April = 6 days a week, 1 day rest AND blog about each day at http://www.socialworkout.com/.
Me thinks: I'm working out and blogging anyway and here is a challenge to keep me motivated for all of April. Why not? Bring It!
To keep me (and you) interested, I am going to further challenge myself to try new workouts, new ways to bust my ass and get in shape. This way I won't be bored with my own posts (not cool).
Everyone one is jumping on board! What are you waiting for?! Sign Up!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My feet in Brooklyn

A beautiful but hazy Saturday! I took plenty of pics! Here are two favorites so far. I'll tell you all about my Saturday in the next post, promise!

First picture is the view of the Brooklyn Bridge from Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park in Dumbo, Brooklyn. I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge today from City Hall. It's such a a great walk with awesome views. The bridge itself is gorgeous! The second picture is of the Manhattan Bridge from the same State Park.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vinyasa Yoga seriously kicked my arse

I had never taken a yoga class before. On Thursday morning, I was at the gym feeling sluggish and getting bored. A Vinyasa Yoga class was about to start so I thought it would at least keep me interested and give me a good stretch.

I take of my shoes and socks ( I love being bare foot!!) and grab a yoga mat. I'm very animated so the instructor picked right away that this was my first time. She came over and introduced herself and told me that this was an 'Open Level' class ~ all levels but mostly advanced. I thought to myself "Leave it to me to take an advanced Yoga class for my first time". But I'm so glad it was! It not only gave me the stretch I desperately needed but it kept me engaged. It was challenging and fun! It felt awesome!

I left the class with muscles trembling but I was relaxed and refreshed. What a phenomenal class!! I see why there are so many Yoga junkies! In the woman's locker room, some of the ladies in the class asked me how I liked it. I told them I loved it and couldn't believe how challenging it was. They told me I did great for it being my first time (so nice to hear!). I was very focused on how to do the poses correctly. I was truly fascinated. It was like no other class I had ever taken. I think Yoga is just what I need in my life right now - for my body and soul.

Photo source:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Week of Spring in New York

Here are my favorite shots of my walk in the park this afternoon. I love the park but today I just wasn't inspired. After my walk, I headed downtown to an arepa bar called Caracas. The last picture is a shot of a bit of their wall art reflected in a mirror. Happy Saturday!



arepa bar2

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mission: Look Good Naked!

I've been on a mission to improve my health and to feel my very best since late last year. The goal: To feel and look incredible by my next birthday - the big 30! Today, I did something awesome towards that goal! I'm officially a member of Crunch!
I didn't realize how desperate I was for a change in gym until I walked into this place. Everything else seems so dull in comparison. They have a location right by where I work so I thought to check it out since I had heard raves about their very interesting group classes. After a walk around, it had lived up to my expectations. The place screams - Different and Fun!

I'm so psyched to try a few of their classes this week:

Tomorrow - I'm meeting a personal trainer for half hour during my lunch break (yep I signed up for a few of those too!!) Then after work, I'll be taking their R&B Lounge class (their descript)- "From Stevie Wonder to Alicia Keyes, this class features the most soulful artists to move you through a smooth set of rhythm and blues choreography." Does that even sound like a workout?! Sounds like a whole lot of fun!

Wednesday - I want to try their Cardio Tai Box class - "A high energy; high impact blend of kicks and punches set to upbeat music. This class is the perfect combination of martial arts, boxing and cardiovascular training." Sounds like "Bye, bye flab!" to me!

Thursday - Gonna try The Ride &Abs - this is their spin class with an ab workout thrown in. Awesome!

Classes on my list to try next week: Pole Dancing, Virgin Yoga, Rockstar Pilates, Knockout Boxing. I couldn't be more excited!

Probably will go for a run in the park on Saturday if the weather is nice. Friday and Sunday are my laziest days of the week so they default as my Rest days. I'm figuring with these awesome classes, plus my runs, PT sessions here and there... I'll be sizzling hot by summer's end!!

I promised myself this year that I would take care of myself and that I would put my health as my #1 priority. It's mid-March so I'm doing alright so far. Next year I'll be 30 and I want to feel my very best.
Photo Source: Here

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Confessions of a Sephorista

So I'm not perfect... but no one needs to know that ;o)

I want to share with you all gorgeous babes a few new tricks I have in my makeup bag to looking flawless! I rate all these products a perfect 10! They do just what they promise... and how often does that happen?!

I adore going into Sephora. Makes me feel like a kid in a candy store! But at the same time... I'm like "Where do I even begin?!" But that's part of the fun too! Sephora lets you try to your heart's content AND they let you return it if you are not completely satisfied (love this!!). I swear this is not a sponsored post...haha! I just heart Sephora!

So here are a few of my must haves:

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - All you need is a dab and it leaves your skin super silky! I love this stuff!! It does exactly what it says!

Benefit Erase Paste concealer - This stuff is awesome! I have always had a battle with dark circles under my eyes (shh...our little secret...) and have tried a boat load of products to no real satisfaction. This paste doesn't make them disappear all together but it's the closeset I've ever come. However, if you are trying to hide that blemish... It erases it!! It's creamy, light and blends really easily. Never feels heavy. I don't do heavy. Highly recommend it!

erase paste

Benefit Eye Bright - Wow. What a difference it makes! I try my very best to get my beauty sleep but some nights it's just not possible. It's like a magic stick for tired eyes!

eye bright

Benefit Coralista - The most perfect blush for this spring and summer! It blends perfectly into you skin and gives you a natural glow. I put it on my cheeks and eye lids for that 'I'm so happy I could pop' look! Really, really nice!! Plus if comes in a really funky box =0)


Photos from Sephora.com

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boo's first day at the park

This is my puppy Boo. He is a Shih tzu/Poodle mix pup and is 5 months old. Yesterday was the warmest winter day this year so I decided he was old enough to go to the park and play with any dogs that might be there. He had so much fun! He came home filthy but it was well worth it. He didn't really ever stop running the entire time we were there so getting good shots of him was especially difficult.

This first shot is a Before... this is how he looks like before he rolls in the mud and grass...haha!

This is how my precious looks when he's at home.

This is an action shot of him post rolling in mud and grass. This was pretty much him the entire time =o). Running!
mar7 04

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A walk in the park



It was a warm winter day in New York.
Cloudy, hazy and warm.
I thought I would just go with it and get a few shots of Central Park in the winter.
These are my favorites.