Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just a quick note

Hello. It's me. Yes, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I have limited Internet access so that is why the lack of posts. In case you were wondering. I'll be back soon. Shopping for a new laptop in the very near future. Hope you're doing well. Bye for now =o)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Book in Review: Little Bee - A Novel, by Chris Cleave

I was captured by the main character Little Bee by page 2. This book lives up to all it's praises. Chris Cleave is an impressive writer. I will be looking for his other books to add to my reading list. I highly recommend this book! It's is a beautiful story. {image source}

Currently reading: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Friday, June 12, 2009

Quote of the Day

I must learn to love the fool in me--
the one who feels too much,
talks too much,
takes too many chances,
wins sometimes and loses often,
lacks self-control,
loves and hates,
hurts and gets hurt,
promises and breaks promises,
laughs and cries.
It alone protects me against that utterly self-controlled, masterful tyrant
whom I also harbor and who would rob me of
human aliveness, humility, and dignity but for my fool.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Counting my many blessings

I have plenty to be grateful for. I have to focus on those things now more than ever. When I allow myself to think about all that I have lost in this move, it breaks my heart. I fight back tears as I write this...

I'm grateful for:
  • Summer! The weather was amazing this weekend.
  • I live with the sweetest roommates. We get along so wonderfully. We spent all of Sunday together. All weekend we've been so helpful to one another with moving and settling in. We have great chemistry.
  • My puppy. He's been so good about the move. He reads me so well it honestly astonishes me. I'm so in love with him!
  • I now live only a few blocks from one of my dearest girlfriends. We went for a long walk yesterday and caught up on the latest. I love her dearly and I've missed her. I'll be seeing much more of her now.
  • Puppy friends. My roommates each have a dog of their own. One is a puppy Puggle and the other a senior Lhasa Apso mix. My puppy has company and playmates while we're all away at work. It's such a relief to have this setup. We're a team when it comes to our babies and having that kind of support is priceless.
  • I am fortunate to live in a beautiful area of Queens. It is so green and lush. Tree-lined streets and beautiful gardens everywhere. I'll be posting pics soon. I look forward to walking my puppy and going for jogs just for scenery.
  • Neighborhood is so convenient! Shops and restaurants only a few blocks away!
  • My room came with a functioning air-conditioner. One less thing for me to buy.
  • It's my mama's birthday today. I would be lost without her. I am so grateful to have her with me still.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Saturday!! Movin Day for me =o)

TODAY is moving day. The last day of this chapter in my life. Bittersweet kind of day really. Well I better get going with my day.

Wanted to share with you this really awesome wedding invitation I came across last night, originally posted on
A CUP OF JO. It's definetly worth the re-post.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Some design inspiration for my new room =o)

Yes, I haven't even moved it yet (tomorrow!!) and I'm already thinking of how I want to setup my new room!! This is one thing I've missed and craved for from my single years - MY OWN ROOM! Oh how I've missed you!
Things I want to take from this first photo:
  • A sassy little bench at the foot of the bed, small coffee table. I love the idea of 2 seats facing the bed but don't think my room is large enough for it. We'll see.
  • 2 nightstands 2 lamps, bookshelves on each side - I like.
  • I love the drapes around the bed, mine would be white. Love the idea! Drama!
I love the blue wall in this picture. That shade a blue is so beautiful. Still toying around with different color shades but this one is definetly a contender. Just the back wall of the room but it would serious give it that sexy sophisticated look I crave for my space.
Pictures of my new apartment will be coming soon!

{Images from}

Thursday, June 4, 2009

30 things to do before 30 (8 months!!)

Inspired by the ever so fabulous Samiantha of BEING SAMIANTHA, I decided that I too wanted to create a list of the things I've been meaning to do. I've set myself a deadline of my 30th birthday so as not to be tempted to procrastinate for all of eternity. That means I have only 8 months to complete everything on my list!

Here goes:

  1. Take a salsa class

  2. Get a facial

  3. Get a message

  4. Take a photography class

  5. Write up a career plan

  6. Read 30 new books (2 down, 1 in progress)

  7. Pay off all my old debt

  8. Find the perfect shade of lipstick

  9. Buy the perfect everyday perfume

  10. Take a personal finance class

  11. Find the perfect body lotion

  12. Come up with a facial regimen i can stick to

  13. Make 5 new girlfriends (2 down, 3 more to go)

  14. Take a hip-hop dance class

  15. Get my driver's license

  16. Go see a dentist

  17. See a Broadway show

  18. See a comedy show

  19. Dine at 30 new restaurants

  20. Buy tickets to see the Nutcracker ballet

  21. Plan a picnic in Central Park

  22. Stay in a Bed n Breakfast in Vermont

  23. Complete a set of self portraits that I'm happy with

  24. Buy a high quality photo scanner

  25. Take a Photoshop class

  26. Try 30 new recipes

  27. Do 30 military push ups straight

  28. List 30 life lessons

  29. List 30 things I'm grateful for

  30. Find someone to teach me how to play soccer

Now I may tweek this list as time progresses. This is what I could come up with just this morning. I'm excited about all these things that I've been meaning to do and finally getting around to doing them! I'll keep you posted as I check them off my list =o)

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fuss to be had!

Ideya Latin Bistro

Flor de Sol

{photo source}

It's incredible to me how agile my mind is this early in the morning. It's so early that I think my writer's block is still asleep. I'm an unusual creature. I truly love these early morning starts. It feels like my days are much longer and I get so much more done.

2 things I've been thinking more prominently about of lates:

  • My 30th birthday
  • My mom's 50th birthday
Granted they are both next year, mine in Feb and hers in June, but these are milestone birthdays and making a big fuss is an order! I'm thinking of planning my own 30th birthday party since I enjoy the process so much. UNLIKE my mom, who dreads planning and executing any kind of social gathering. It stresses her out more than it should. So my love of party planning clearly did not come from her.

Anyhow, no one needs to know that I planned my own party. She will be the host on paper, on the invites that is. Just the thought of formal invites gets me all excited. I'm thinking something on a smaller scale like a cocktail party at my favorite restaurant:
Ideya Latin Bistro.

Since moving to NY, I've gone to this restaurant everyday year for my birthday. And also for other occasions when I need to be sure the night is near flawless. I need to speak with them soon to get a price for food and for reserving the entire restaurant for a night. It's a very small restaurant so I'm hoping it won't be ridiculous in price.

We'll see. I may also very likely forgo a formal 30th party and just focus on my mom's party. I think I would enjoy her party more anyhow. Just to see her so happy would be worth it.

As for mom's birthday, I will enjoy making all the fuss I can afford! She's hinted at wanting a party for her 50th ever so discreetly but I know she wants a big fuss to be made. I am more than happy to oblige =) It won't be lavish but it will be chic and sophisticated like my mama dearest. The first place that comes to mind is my new favorite Tapas restaurant:
Flor de Sol. Pennies need to be saved pronto!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Have a little faith in me

I need to be at work very early this week, so I've been catching the sunrise during my morning commute. This morning as I was waiting for my bus, sipping my coffee, watching the sunrise, I had a revelation.

Maybe I didn't get married because it's not what God has planned for me right now. Not because I don't know how to appreciate a good man and not because I may have commitment issues. Not because our relationship, our love wasn't strong enough and not because I don't want to be married. No. Maybe it's much more simple. I'm not getting married because it's not what I need be doing right now. And I want to be alone because that's what I need right now. There is no other reason for wanting to be alone except that it's what gives me peace at this moment in my life.

Funny how when I'm doing what I think I should be doing it only makes me miserable. Even if I don't understand why. I suppose this is God's way of nudging me in the right direction. I'm hardheaded so it's taken all this time for me to realize that. I need to have a little more faith in that voice that speaks to my heart.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Book in Review: The Year of the Fog by Michelle Richmond

Though the it is written beautifully, truely, I felt like it dragged on with side stories I didn't find much relevance to the main story. And the ending came up a bit short. Though I don't recommend this book unless the subject hits close to home, I will be looking for more books written by Michelle Richmond. I really enjoyed her style of writing.

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