Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am the tortoise

I just entered the lottery for the NYC marathon this year. Which way to the asylum?
I signed up for running classes which I will be attending every Thursday evening for the next 9 weeks. I need to learn how to stretch and how to train with sorness and... more running stuff.

Should I actually get picked to race this year, this will be the sign that will be held up for me. In no way shape or form am I physically ready to run a marathon BUT I am very enthused. That counts for something, right?! I've heard from friends that the sheer energy of this race is what ultimately gets you through it. Even if you've had minimal training. I'm counting on it.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Breaking News: What I've been up to lately

(Photos from my last vist to our local dog run; my dogs not shown)
  • Packing. I'm moving out of my apartment that I share with my ex and moving in with 2 other girlfriends. Moving back to the neighborhood that I absolutely love. More about that later. Moving next weekend.
  • Mom didn't move to NY after all. I enjoyed the beaches in Miami instead. That was 2 weeks ago.
  • My cousin is getting married in 3 weeks. Mom, Dad and brother will be visting. I need to find a dress to wear for the wedding.
  • I've become a bookworm over night. Currently reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave. Reading has been a great comfort. I love loosing myself in the story. I enjoy these breaks from my own life.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank You!

A special thank you for all of you who read and comment!
Your feedback is immensely appreciated! Thank You!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What inspires you to blog?

Hello fellow bloggers,

I could use your help. I'm having a bit of blogger's block. I have no idea what to write about.
My own posts bore me. Not good.
The thing is I am in fact a very smart, funny, silly, happy and overly enthusiastic person but my writing doesn't reflect it and it bums me out.
My first thought is to write about whatever interests me or whatever happens to be going on... but I want more structure to this blog... more topic based I think. Errr... *sigh*
Does your life sometimes seem uninteresting even to you? How do you get around this?
I want to pour myself into this blog... but I'm not sure how :o(
Any feed back, advice would be great! Thanks in advance! Your blogger in the Making

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A doggy dog morning

My furry friends at the dog run this morning. They are so precious.
My pups are the 2 black ones you see in the photos: Bella, black lab mix, Boo, shih tzu/poodle mix. Bella and Boo. The others are their buddy's you happen to be there this morning. And what a beautiful day in NY! The weather - PERFECT! Happy Mothers's Day to all you mothers reading this! I'm visiting my mama this Thursday down in Florida so I'll be celebrating her then.
I'm shooting in RAW finally!! And there is a significant difference in clarity in my shots.
Plus I can edit them to my hearts content without worrying about distortion. Now to just get a mac, and light room and I'll be set to actually polish these shots up and get creative. These shots are straight out of the camera; only a little cropping to flush them neatly against each other.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The House and Cuddy climax tonight!

Finally! House and Cuddy come together for a very steamy sex scene (or something!)

House I've been following off and on but is by far one of my favorite TV series. I love House especially because of his wicked humor! Tonight episode promises to be memorable at the very least! Can't wait!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Emily Giffin's 'love the one you're with'

{picture source}

It's about a woman at a cross-roads in her life. She comes to a point where she needs to make a choice: give up all that she has with her husband OR be with her significant ex who she has a profound, undeniable physical and emotional connection. The passion depicted on those pages was enough to give me goose bumps but it's no trashy romance novel. I also love that once you think you know what's going to happen next she surprises you (the author).

I love how this book wrote up each man as two amazing but very different men making her choice that much more difficult. She loves them both. The main character: I felt all the emotions she felt and understood all her rationalizations. I struggled with her.
To add, it details how she became a professional photographer and her love for New York City.

It took me only a few days to go through it. I just could not put it down. And the ending... just when you think she can't surprise you...the choice seems obvious... it's an unexpected ending but one that is ... well I supposed you'll have to read it to find out ;o)

I sobbed as I read the final pages. I cried a good cry because I was with her. I was proud of her. This story has given me hope that I can trust the decisions I've made for myself. This novel is about love but it's also about choice and having faith in the choices that we make for ourselves.
It's about being true to yourself.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Puppy's first trip to the beach

This series of photos is my favorite of the 400+ photos I took last week at the Doggy birthday beach party. It was a perfect day to be at the beach and we all had a blast. This is my cousin's 4 month yellow lab. It was her first visit to the beach and the first time she went swimming.
It was a thrill to watch her.
I love dogs. Truely. More pics to come of my favorite four-legged, furry friends.