Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What inspires you to blog?

Hello fellow bloggers,

I could use your help. I'm having a bit of blogger's block. I have no idea what to write about.
My own posts bore me. Not good.
The thing is I am in fact a very smart, funny, silly, happy and overly enthusiastic person but my writing doesn't reflect it and it bums me out.
My first thought is to write about whatever interests me or whatever happens to be going on... but I want more structure to this blog... more topic based I think. Errr... *sigh*
Does your life sometimes seem uninteresting even to you? How do you get around this?
I want to pour myself into this blog... but I'm not sure how :o(
Any feed back, advice would be great! Thanks in advance! Your blogger in the Making


  1. I think blogging about something you are passionate about is a start. I have no structure to mine. It's about my life which is not structured! But I like it that way.
    I like blogs that tell me a little about the people who wrote them. I hope whatever you do you post more of your fantastic photos!

  2. To answer your question about my life: oh, yeah, I bore myself all the time!

    I agree with Linda completely. I don't have much structure, I think maybe if I did it would bring me more readership but I think it would be much harder and limiting. Primarily, what drives me is getting some writing practice in my second language and documenting stuff, more for myself than others (if people like it though, of course, I'm thrilled!) It's also an exercise in persistence, "forcing" me to write a little every day, because before that I was quite fickle.

    I also personally like blogs where you can learn about a person's background, character, and personality through the lines. And I find little things, little observations and life moments are often the most interesting.

    By the way, we're heading down to NYC next weekend! Drop me a line if you'd like to meet for coffee or something. I don't want to intrude but I'd love that...

  3. Been there (actually currently in it too) done that.

    I'd say my last handful of postings are not very witty or entertaining for the most part. however I still feel the urge to write something.

    I stole some idea's from other blogs for this very purpose.

    ~Recap your year of 2008. list each month and list one or two signifiant things that occured.

    ~Write in point form, just random thoughts/ideas... its your blog, no one said it had to make sense.

    ~Make a to-do list/goals etc..as an entry and as you cross them off, you blog about it.

    ~Read other blogs and post who you're reading. No not in the "I'm following" section of blogger world, but post an entry what you like about each of the blogs you read.

    ~vent. period. air your grievances about life, the world, work then its no longer haunting you.

    ~Or simply take a break.

    It happens.
    I find serveral bloggers will force an entry or wont write anything cos they feel they need to stick to a certain style, dating life, work life. So too change that and talk about something opposite of everything that is normally your style, I think subconsciously every writer has an issue with at some time or another.

    There are my two cents. Do what you will with them.

    Chin up hun, you're a rockstar sista!!

  4. I am also in a boring blog post point of my life. However I remind myself I write for me, so if the few people who may be reading are bored, then they can just click away. I write because I need to say something anything, and so I do. Many of my posts of late have been complaints, but that is where my life is right now. Keep blogging about whatever you want!