Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beauty in Blue

sunday runs

Running in Central Park has been my new Sunday ritual for the past several weeks. I had done the 6 mile loop around the park previously but this week decided to take the 1.5 mile around the reservoir. The 6 miles are doable but I would be in pain for the rest of the week. I'm scaling back and working up to the 6 miles again. My shins and calves are grateful for this decision.

Today the dirt track around the reservoir was now mud. Gross but challenging. I was so focused on not slipping that I could barely make the silly 1.5 miles around. It is so much harder to run in mud! Seems obvious now but I had no idea how much harder it would be. Plus I was freezing.

I'm such a baby. I like to think I'm so hardcore but really - not so much. Still working on it I suppose ;-)

Midway during my run, I stopped for a few seconds to catch my breathe and snap this shot. This is why it's such a joy to run in the park despite the freezing weather. I hope to capture more views of Central Park on future runs.


  1. I was here a few weeks ago when it was snowing. The track was more slush and ice than it was mud, but there were still a few runners out. These hardcore runners really impress me. Slush and icy conditions aside, the view was amazing. The reservoir was frozen over and you could only just make out the skyline through the snow and haze. I didn't have my camera that day but I doubt I'd be able to capture it properly on the sensor.

  2. i love this photo. i love this city.