Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Birthday, My New York

Dsc_0016- nails nobel

This is where my day began - Nail's Noble (1484 3rd Ave, between 83rd and 84th). I went in for a quick manicure but this place gives your hands the spa treatment with their hot cream hand message. I also decided to splurge for a back rub while I waited for my nails to dry... lets just say it wasn't as great as the hand message. I couldn't wait for it to be over.

After my manicure, I walked down 3rd Ave and came across the
Super Runners Shop (1246 3rd Ave at 72nd Street). The perfect place to shop for my birthday present! I got myself a fancy pair and The Runner's Map of Central Park! I can't wait to break them in!

Dsc_0019- soho

All that shopping made me hungry! So I headed further downtown - SoHo to be precise! I love it's architecture among other things! Here I'm drooling over the large, tall, arched windows of this building.

Dsc_0021- Ideya outside

Soho is also where my favorite restaurant of all time is located: Ideya Latin Bistro (349 West Broadway, between Broome and Grand streets) . I've been coming to Ideya for my birthday every year for the past 4 years, ever since I discovered it! They serve latin food with flair. I think of it as a perfect piece of Miami in New York.


I really love this place and don't come often enough. I love how minimal everything is.

Dsc_0024- lunch

We had their Medio Dia sandwich served with a perfectly dressed side salad. Perfectly delicious.

DSC_0030 bday cake

And to finish my birthday lunch, a slice of heaven! Tres Leches cake! Perfection!

We caught the "He's just not that into you" movie after lunch. Funny, cute and alot more insightful then I thought it would be. No, I did not read the book but now I just!

Photos by a babe in the making


  1. Looks like a great day. Happy birthday!

  2. Oh! Happy Day, Friend! I hope your next year is full of happiness.

    I miss NYC! I haven't been there since MY 30th Birthday in 2004! Seeing your pictures makes me sad. :( I need to come back.

  3. Happy, happy birthday!
    Wow, I just got a rush of longing to be in NY today... New addresses to try... How cool is that?

  4. happy Birthday! Hope this is the start of a great year for you!

  5. I've been craving for all things New York (though I'm obviously miles and oceans away from the city you live in) and reading this... oh, you make NY seems just more luring :)