Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vinyasa Yoga seriously kicked my arse

I had never taken a yoga class before. On Thursday morning, I was at the gym feeling sluggish and getting bored. A Vinyasa Yoga class was about to start so I thought it would at least keep me interested and give me a good stretch.

I take of my shoes and socks ( I love being bare foot!!) and grab a yoga mat. I'm very animated so the instructor picked right away that this was my first time. She came over and introduced herself and told me that this was an 'Open Level' class ~ all levels but mostly advanced. I thought to myself "Leave it to me to take an advanced Yoga class for my first time". But I'm so glad it was! It not only gave me the stretch I desperately needed but it kept me engaged. It was challenging and fun! It felt awesome!

I left the class with muscles trembling but I was relaxed and refreshed. What a phenomenal class!! I see why there are so many Yoga junkies! In the woman's locker room, some of the ladies in the class asked me how I liked it. I told them I loved it and couldn't believe how challenging it was. They told me I did great for it being my first time (so nice to hear!). I was very focused on how to do the poses correctly. I was truly fascinated. It was like no other class I had ever taken. I think Yoga is just what I need in my life right now - for my body and soul.

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  1. I adore yoga. I wish I could find a class that jived with my schedule.
    I left you a little something on my blog.