Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fuss to be had!

Ideya Latin Bistro

Flor de Sol

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It's incredible to me how agile my mind is this early in the morning. It's so early that I think my writer's block is still asleep. I'm an unusual creature. I truly love these early morning starts. It feels like my days are much longer and I get so much more done.

2 things I've been thinking more prominently about of lates:

  • My 30th birthday
  • My mom's 50th birthday
Granted they are both next year, mine in Feb and hers in June, but these are milestone birthdays and making a big fuss is an order! I'm thinking of planning my own 30th birthday party since I enjoy the process so much. UNLIKE my mom, who dreads planning and executing any kind of social gathering. It stresses her out more than it should. So my love of party planning clearly did not come from her.

Anyhow, no one needs to know that I planned my own party. She will be the host on paper, on the invites that is. Just the thought of formal invites gets me all excited. I'm thinking something on a smaller scale like a cocktail party at my favorite restaurant:
Ideya Latin Bistro.

Since moving to NY, I've gone to this restaurant everyday year for my birthday. And also for other occasions when I need to be sure the night is near flawless. I need to speak with them soon to get a price for food and for reserving the entire restaurant for a night. It's a very small restaurant so I'm hoping it won't be ridiculous in price.

We'll see. I may also very likely forgo a formal 30th party and just focus on my mom's party. I think I would enjoy her party more anyhow. Just to see her so happy would be worth it.

As for mom's birthday, I will enjoy making all the fuss I can afford! She's hinted at wanting a party for her 50th ever so discreetly but I know she wants a big fuss to be made. I am more than happy to oblige =) It won't be lavish but it will be chic and sophisticated like my mama dearest. The first place that comes to mind is my new favorite Tapas restaurant:
Flor de Sol. Pennies need to be saved pronto!

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  1. So exciting! I think both are great ideas. I can't wait to see what you have planned.